Indigenous Culinary Experience

Presented by TD Bank

NEW! For our 2018 Festival Theme, “From the Land”: An Indigenous Culinary Experience! We offer free culinary demonstrations and displays in the Indigenous Culinary Arts Pavilion, sponsored by TD! And on June 23 & 24, there will be tickets for sale to enjoy elegant samples in the Pavilion.

The highlight of our Indigenous Culinary Experience is the “From The Land”: Indigenous Long Table Feasts! The two Long Table Feasts will be exquisitely catered by Indigenous celebrity Chef David Wolfman (Cooking with the Wolfman), Chef Cezin Nottaway and Chef Trudy Metcalfe-Coe! Our Long Table Lunch and Dinner Feasts are on Friday, June 22nd. Complimented with performances by Silla + Rise, Cris Derksen and David Finkle & Laura Leonard. Menu and details below.

Indigenous Long Table Luncheon

Friday, June 22nd, 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Vincent Massey Park (Indigenous Culinary Arts Pavillion)

Mouth-watering Indigenous fusion dishes crafted from fresh local ingredients!

Tickets HERE

Lunch Menu

Toasted Sunflower Seed Latte (garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon)

Quinoa and Smoked Venison Salad with Quail Eggs and Mixed Greens tossed in a Cedar Vinaigrette (garnished with Fresh Chives)

Pulled Duck Slider in Mexican Molé Sauce with Three Sisters Relish


Indigenous Long Table Dinner

Elderflower vegetables, Indigenous Food, David WolfmanFriday, June 22nd, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Vincent Massey Park (Indigenous Culinary Arts Pavillion)

Enjoy several sumptuous Indigenous fusion courses, Indigenous ingredients married to haute-cuisine!

Dinner Menu

Birch Syrup and Cranberry Wine-soaked Blueberry and Blackcurrant Shooter (garnished with Greek Yogurt and Fresh Mint)

Roasted Corn, Red Pepper, and Cauliflower Salad with Dandelion Greens and Wild Rice, tossed in a Walnut and Juniper Berry Vinaigrette

Elderflower-infused Tomatoes with Mushrooms, Avocado and Garlic Aioli (garnished with Fresh Thyme and Sumac Spice)

Sunchoke and New Potato Salad with Spruce Tip-infused Asparagus tossed in a Herb Vinaigrette (garnished with Blackened Mint Dust)

Braised Bison Osso Bucco in a Red Wine and Herb Sauce

Chef Bios

Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival, David Wolfman, Long table


Chef David Wolfman, member of the Xaxli’p First Nation, is an internationally recognized expert in wild game and traditional Indigenous cuisine, as well as being a classically trained chef. He has been a culinary arts professor at George Brown College in Toronto since 1994 and is the executive producer and host of Cooking with the Wolfman, formerly aired on APTN in Canada and currently airing on FNX and NativeFlix in the US.

Cezin Nottaway, Indigenous Food


Cezin Nottaway is an Alqonquin Anishnabe from Rapid Lake Quebec, born and raised. She is a mother of two. She is the owner and founder of the award-winning company, Wawatay Catering. Wawatay Catering specializes in Anishnabe cuisine with a modern twist, inspired by recipes from her kokom (Grandmother). Wawatay is her family name and it means Northern Lights in Algonquin. The Northern Lights are the colours of the spirits of our ancestors who continue to guide us from the spirit world. Recently she was featured in the New York Times and she was honoured with a distinction award at Algonquin College.

Trudy Metcalfe, Inuit Food


Originally from Nain, Nunatsiavut, Trudy made Ottawa her home about 30 years ago. She has been catering since 1998. Trudy considers herself a “home cook,” but others have given her the title of Chef, including other well known and respected chefs from across Canada. Trudy’s priority when catering is promoting Inuit Country Food. Trudy was chosen as one of the five feature chefs by the BBC, when they came to Canada to do a series on Canada’s foods. Trudy is the proud mother of two successful young women and a very proud Titi to her four-year old granddaughter.

Long Table Artist Bios

Silla + Rise

12:00 pm and 6:00 pm 

Silla + Rise blend Inuit throat-singing and futuristic dancefloor beats. They were finalists for the Indigneous artist JUNO awards in 2017.  

Silla are Cynthia Pitsiulak and Charlotte Qamaniq their name comes from the Inuktitut word “Sila” meaning weather.  Sila is what surrounds us; it is what connects us to our land, to the moon, sun and stars, the ocean and the air we breathe. In respecting and honouring the need to preserve Inuit culture and paying homage to our land and the strong connection to its spirituality, they experience and perform the sounds of traditional and contemporary throat songs.

Rise is Ottawa’s Rise Ashen, a Juno Award nominated global-grooves producer, DJ and dancer who has spent his life pursuing the intersection of traditional and futuristic music.


Cris Derksen

12:00 pm and 6:00 pm 

2016 Instrumental Album Juno Nominee Cris Derksen is an Indigenous cellist/composer known for building layers of sound into captivating performances. Originally from Northern Alberta, there is a line of chiefs from North Tall Cree reserve on her father’s side and a line and a line of strong Mennonite homesteaders on her mother’s side. Her music braids the traditional and contemporary in multiple dimensions, weaving her traditional classical training and her Aboriginal ancestry with new school electronics, creating genre defying music. The Orchestral Powwow Project, is Cris’s 3rd Studio Album released in 2015. It was conceived by Derksen and Robert Todd of the Tribal Spirit Powwow label, the project responds to a perceived need to truly incorporate Indigenous artists in art that claims Indigenous credit. 


David Finkle & Laura Leonard

6:00 pm 

The Finkle/Leonard Clan present a fun, educational performance of traditional Aboriginal drumming, song and dance. Enjoy performances from drum maker and Aboriginal Music Award winner David Finkle (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory); Maliseet hand-drum singer and craftsperson Laura Leonard

“From the Land” Indigenous Culinary Arts Pavilion

Saturday, June 23 & Sunday, June 24, 10 am to 6 pm

Elegant Indigenous Culinary Samples and Cooking Demonstrations Available all Weekend!

From local streams and forests to the frozen tundra of the arctic, and from the shores of Labrador, our Indigenous Chefs will take you on an Indigenous culinary adventure unlike anything you’ve seen in Ottawa. Caribou from Nunavut, Seal from Labrador, Duck and fish from Ontario, Pacific Salmon from British Columbia and fruits and baked goods from the Prairies. You will have the opportunity to sample elegant bites from across our vast lands and learn to appreciate our deep connection to our traditional territories. Live cooking demonstrations and traditional teachings on Indigenous harvesting will keep the Pavilion lively all weekend long. Featuring culinary demonstrations by Chef David Wolfman (Cooking with the Wolfman) from his new cookbook and traditional workshops on preparing seal (with tastings) by Trudy Metcalfe-Coe.  

Elegant Samples

Tickets are $10 each and allow you to select four samples. Meet the Indigenous Chefs and enjoy some of the following flavours with elegant samplers:

  • David Wolfman, TV Host of Cooking with the Wolfman, Cookbook author and Culinary Professor:  Vanilla Salted Maple Duck Breast
  • Trudy Metcalf-Coe an Inuit Chef from Ottawa:  Curried Caribou
  • Cezin Nottaway from Wawatay Catering in Ottawa:  Three Sister Rice Salad
  • Christa Guenther from Feast Aboriginal Bistro in Winnipeg: Smoked Trout on Bannock Crisps
  • Paul Owl of Tree Tea: Featuring traditional teas and smoked onion bannock
  • Charlie Sark from the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada: Indigenous fusion flatbread pizza

Plus other indigenous Culinary Surprises!


Culinary Workshops/Demonstrations

Take this opportunity to meet the Indigenous chefs and enjoy live cooking demonstrations on the stage in the Culinary Arts Pavilion all weekend long.

Saturday & Sunday Schedule

11 am Paul Owl: Tree Tea Brewing Co.

1 pm Feast Bistro: Smoked Trout

2 pm David Wolfman: Mountain Goat Soup (Saturday) & Cod Martini (Sunday)

3 pm Trudy Metcalfe-Coe: Preparing Seal (and opportunity for tasting!)

4 pm Charlie Sark: Indigenous Culinary Tourism in Canada

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