50/50 Raffle!

Here’s your chance to win some cash and help raise funds for Aboriginal Experiences, the producer of the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival! You can buy tickets on Thursday, June 21 from 5pm to 9pm; Friday, June 22 from 10am to 9pm; and Saturday, June 23 from 10am to 8:30 pm. The draw will be on Saturday, June 23rd at 9:30 pm. The winning number was announced on APTN’s Main Stage during the Indigenous Day Live Concert.

The winning number is: A-577928

The rules are below.

Rules of Play for 50/50 Electronic Raffle

1. The lottery will take place during the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival and Indigenous Day Live, Vincent Massey Park, Ottawa. Sales will take place Thursday June 21 5pm -9pm, Friday June 22 10am-9pm, Saturday June 23 10am-8:30 pm, draw will take place on Saturday, June 23rd at 9:30 pm at Vincent Massey Park, Ottawa
2. All tickets will only be sold to people who are 18 years of age or older.
3. Tickets are 3 for $5, 10 for $10, 60 for $20.
4. Tickets will be available at the event throughout the venue at Riverside Drive and Heron Road, Ottawa, ON K1S 5B7.
5. Tickets will be sold using an electronic raffle system supplied by 50/50 Central Ltd.
6. Patrons will be given by the sellers a receipt with their 50/50 registered numbers from a Random Selection System. No specific numbers can be given as numbers are generated randomly.
7. The winning ticket number will be selected by a Random Number Generation (RNG) system from all raffle numbers sold for the draw for that day/game.
8. The estimated amount of the 50/50 prize will be shown on screens at the venue.
9. The winning number will be announced on the Main Stage and on the Indigenous Day live website www.indigenousdaylive.ca/Ottawa/5050
10. If the patron with the winning number on their ticket is at the event where the number has been drawn, they may then come to the main stage. Their ticket will be verified, their contact information gathered and a cheque will be mailed to them directly by APTN.
11. If the winner is not in attendance at the event, or does not wish to claim their prize immediately, they may claim their prize by contacting APTN at 204.947.9331 ext. 227 or emailing cchinchilla@aptn.ca. The ticket may then be brought to APTN at 45 O’Connor Street, Suite 880, Ottawa, ON K1P 1A4 on an agreed upon time for ticket verification. The winner will then be paid by cheque for the amount posted at the event for which they bought their ticket. Winners must have the original winning ticket and no copies. All payments will be made by cheque.
12. The winning ticket holder has 6 months in which to claim their prize from the date of the draw their ticket was purchase for.
13. The winner must provide his/her name, address and phone number with picture identification for our report sheet.
14. Once the certified winner is verified, and provides identification with photo ID, they will be given a cheque in the amount of the declared prize which is, at minimum, 50% of the total sales for that game. If the winner cannot provide photo ID, then the winning proceeds will be held until such identification can be provided.
15. If no winner comes forward the number will be announced again over the PA system, and posted on the Indigenous Live Day website www.indigenousdaylive.ca/ottawa/5050
16. In the event that no winner comes forward, the winning stub will kept in escrow for 6 months. After that time period has elapsed the prize will be donated to a charity other than ABC Charity Organization, with the approval of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).
17. The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the 50/50 draws:
APTN employees, Les Productions Rivard, performers, and any other hires by those parties, APTN board and 5050 Central.
17. The above set of rules will be posted at the event.

Ontario Problem Gaming Helpline (1- 888 – 230 – 3505)

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